History of Tacori

Today, Tacori is an established brand well-known for their intricate metalwork, creative aesthetic, and signature nature-inspired chic. From Tacori's sterling silver necklaces to their romantic crescent-imbued engagement rings, this designer incorporates high-end standards and talented artistry into all their varied collections. Their jewelry appears on popular television shows and fashion runways. Tacori has come a long way since their humble origins, becoming one of America's preeminent jewelry companies. The company's expansion is due to worldwide recognition of their jewelry's quality, as well as the passionate practices of the Tacorian family.

How did Tacori Begin?

The legacy of Tacori started in 1969 when Haig Tacorian immigrated to the United States from Romania. In America, he met his wife and future business partner, Gilda. The couple joined forces with Gilda's father to establish B&T Jewelers and subsequently created the Tacori brand in 1979. Their headquarters were in Downtown Los Angeles' Jewelry District, where they crafted exceptional fine accessories. Tacori solidified their style in 1998 when they designed the first crescent engagement ring illustrating a heart's curves. It has since become an iconic design, incorporated in many of the designer's collections.

Where is Tacori Made?

Tacori jewelry is handcrafted in California by expert artisans. The creation process begins with the head designer's studio. With experience and proven artistic prowess, the head designer creates brilliant and distinctive designs. Next, Tacori uses various state-of-the-art techniques and technology, such as computer-aided design software (CAD), to develop a blueprint. This way, the creation process is guaranteed to be precise and accurate. These designs go to a prototype laboratory, wherein wax models are created and given to the “alchemy room.” Specialized experts turn these wax models into precious metal settings. Master craftsmen work on the piece, using their creativity and precision to turn them into beautiful works of art. Finally, diamond setters imbue the piece with gemstones, turning them into glamorous, beloved Tacori pieces.

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