How to Measure Ring Size at BARONS Jewelers

The Importance of Finding the Right Ring Size

If you aren't familiar with jewelry, you may be asking why it's important to have a piece of jewelry that's in the right size. The answer is fairly straightforward: Jewelry, like clothing, comes in different sizes, and while there's some level of flexibility in what size ring you can wear, having the wrong size can lead to a piece of jewelry that's beautiful on its own, but isn't so beautiful when it slips over your knuckle or cuts off the circulation in your finger.

Plus, resizing is a process that, depending on the ring in question, can be a long, expensive, and difficult process. Pave-set and channel-set rings, rings with delicate gemstones like opals or pearls, or rose gold rings may require quite a bit more money to resize. And when you have an eternity band or tension-set ring, resizing is impossible entirely, as are pieces made from steel, titanium, or tungsten.

It's important to have a proper ring size when buying jewelry, just to avoid the hassle of resizing. But how can you accurately determine your ring size on your own?

How to Accurately Measure Your Ring Size

If there isn't any surprise about the ring, then there are a few ways of determining ring size.

First, remember that a dominant hand is usually larger than the weaker, which means that you need to know which hand is going to wear the ring. Then, a ring sizer can be wrapped around a finger. You should wrap the ring sizer around the widest part of the finger you've picked.

However, if you don't wish to get a ring sizer, the simplest answer is to discuss sizing with a customer service associate when you're visiting a jeweler to check out their jewelry. BARONS Jewelers has tools to assist customers with this.

The situation can be slightly trickier if the ring has to be a surprise, as in the case with an engagement ring. There's a few tricky ways to get that information without your partner knowing. One of the best ways is to enlist the help of her (trustworthy!) friends or female family members to get the information without spoiling the surprise. Alternatively, you can borrow a ring of hers she won't miss to bring into your local jeweler. And if you have a soft bar of soap handy, you can make an impression of one of her rings and measure the information that way.

Find the Perfect Ring at BARONS Jewelers

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