Jewelry Birthday Gift Tips

It's a loved one's birthday, and you want to give them something they will never forget. There's no better gift than jewelry. With its reputation for luxury and beautiful style, certain jewelry accessories are universally loved and admired. They can be worn with almost any outfit, ensuring that the wearer will always look fantastic and radiant. But not all jewelry is equal, nor is every piece perfectly suited for everyone. People have different tastes and preferences. Furthermore, it's important to pick a piece just for them. Find a piece of jewelry that they will love for their birthday with these tips from BARONS Jewelers.

Buy Their Birthstones

Every month has at least one, often more than one, birthstone. The idea for this type of jewelry was conceived of in Ancient Rome, and ever since birthstones have remained a fixture in jewelry. They are a great method for adding a touch of personality and color to a birthday gift. A yellow gold necklace might be lovely, but everyone can wear one. For someone born in July, a necklace with a ruby detail can make it much more personalized. It also reminds the wearer that the necklace was a birthday gift, reminding them of you every time they wear it.

Find Their Look

You can't just buy any jewelry for a person you care about. Make sure that the gift corresponds with their jewelry collection. Many people have strong opinions on precious metals. While many love the feminine appeal of rose gold, others strongly prefer chic white gold. In case you aren't aware of their preferred jewelry, you can ask them. If you want to keep it a surprise, root through their wardrobe when they are not looking. Take note of any common themes: what precious metal they use, whether they like floral or contemporary motifs, and how minimalist/maximalist their pieces may be. Take this information to a professional jeweler for help finding a jewelry gift they will adore.

Shop Birthday Gifts at BARONS Jewelers

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