Top Questions to Ask Your Jeweler

When it comes to jewelry and timepieces, experienced jewelers have all the answers. However, jewelry is a nuanced and complex topic. It’s easy to not know what to ask. Your inquiries can also take time and energy, which sometimes you may have very little of either. To make your shopping experience more efficient and enjoyable, our team at BARONS Jewelers have compiled a list of essential questions to ask jewelers along with our professional answers.

How are Diamonds Graded?

Diamonds are usually graded in accordance with the Four C’s: color, clarity, carat, and cut. Color refers to a diamond’s hue. While the ideal diamond is colorless, most actually have a yellow-brown tint. Clarity indicates the number of flaws – or inclusions – in a stone. Carat (not to be confused with karat) is the measurement of the stone’s size. Diamonds are available in a wide variety of cuts, although some are more valuable, and sought-after, than others.

How Do I Get My Ring Size?

It’s essential for a ring to be the correct size. Pieces that are too tight can cut off circulation, while ones that are too loose may slip off the finger entirely. To find your accurate ring size, you have two options: let a jeweler help or do it at home. Measure it yourself by wrapping your finger with a tape measure. Use a marker to dot where the ends meet. This distance indicates your ring size; simply correspond it with an online size chart. A jeweler, on the other hand, will be able to accurately determine your ring size through their specific tools and experience.

Can I Upgrade My Ring?

Your jewelry can evolve in whatever ways you may desire. Many people upgrade their bridal or fashion rings some time after the initial purchase for a myriad of reasons, like celebrating a milestone anniversary. Others may have long sought a more spectacular engagement ring but couldn’t do so beforehand, as they simply lacked the funding. Upgrade any of your rings with a new diamond, precious metal, or a fresh setting.

What is the Difference Between White Gold, Sterling Silver, and Platinum?

While these precious metals have similar hues, they have characteristics that make them unique. Sterling silver is an affordable yet elegant alloy made from silver and other metals. White gold won’t tarnish like silver, but its use of rhodium plating means it has to be occasionally redipped by a jeweler to ensure the piece remains bright and sparkling. Platinum is the most valuable precious metal due to its rarity and strength. Unlike white gold, it never needs to be redipped as the metal is naturally silver toned.

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