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Engagement Ring Settings

Engagement Ring Settings at BARONS Jewelers

Engagement rings are a diverse rainbow of different styles, and for decades, designers have been sculpting these symbols of commitment and love with enough uniqueness to make them right for any aesthetic. When you’re looking for something special, you’ll want to understand the various types of engagement ring settings utilized in the jewelry industry.

Halo Engagement Rings

The halo is a style typified by a hoop of metal and jewels surrounding a center stone. If you’re looking for a style that really “pops,” a halo will immediately catch attention thanks to the fact that this style makes any center stone look bigger. As an incredibly vintage look, a halo engagement ring is also the perfect way to express your timeless tastes. Look for halo engagement rings with platinum and sapphire to really summon that sense of Art Deco excellence!

Solitaire Engagement Rings

When you want to really accentuate the beauty of your center stone, the solitaire is an excellent choice. Solitaire engagement rings don’t have any other jewels on the outer shank, so all attention is drawn to the center and the setting. A solitaire is great for unusual settings like tension settings or half-bezels, but even with the traditional prongs, the glamor of these rings is immediately apparent. And if you appreciate textured metal, this style helps show it off.

Cluster Engagement Rings

Most of the time, engagement rings are presented as a pairing of a center stone and its band, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Cluster engagement rings break up the carat weight of a single stone by distributing it as multiple precious stones set where the center stone would be. This style is great for those who prefer the look of a larger stone without the hefty price tag. If you’re the type of woman who appreciates mosaics and pieces that are more beautiful than the sum of their parts, you may appreciate a cluster ring.

Side Stone Engagement Rings

Like a cluster ring, the side stone engagement ring setting is typified by multiple stones of similar size. However, this style uses the side stones to accentuate a large center stone. This style is a happy medium between solitaires and cluster looks, and the versatility of the side stone model allows designers to use different shapes of diamond or colored gems to create a sheer rainbow of color, diffraction of light, and elegance to emphasize the jewel at the ring’s heart.

Three Stone Engagement Rings

There’s something special about the three stone engagement ring, and many women choose this look for its symbolic value. Rather than one center stone, three stone rings feature three. Usually, this means one large stone and two medium-sized ones on either side, but there are styles that feature three equal-sized jewels. If you want a ring to commemorate you and your beloved’s past, present, and future, check out the collections of this style we showcase.

If you’d like to learn more about engagement ring settings, BARONS JEWELERS is always ready to help. Contact us at (925) 278 6812 or visit us today at our showroom in Dublin, California today!

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