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Characteristics of Tacori Engagement Rings

Tacori combines cutting edge technology with artisanal, handcrafted techniques. The brand's blend of the old and the new results in intricate, elegant jewelry that is heirloom quality. Tacori engagement rings are perfect for women who value impeccable craftsmanship and ethical consumerism. All of Tacori's jewelry pieces are conflict-free, and the brand regularly partners with local charities to foster community spirit. Tacori is a southern California company, and every step of the design and production process relies on local artists and jewelry experts. Each Tacori engagement ring begins its life as a 3D model, which is then transformed into a 3D mold. Once the metal is cast, it is sent to goldsmiths and jewelry artisans, who polish, set, and complete each stunning Tacori creation.

Popular Collections of Tacori Engagement Rings at BARONS Jewelers

Tacori engagement rings are distinguished by their many elegant features. The crescent silhouette is one of the brand's signature elements. The interlocking half-moon curves represent a heart, which means that the crescent silhouette adds romance to every engagement ring. This element is present in every item in the brand's Classic Crescent Collection, which combines the intricate crescent shapes with brilliant, eye-catching diamonds. The Dantela Collection is also a beautiful reflection of the Tacori style. The engagement rings in this collection are inspired by Romanian lace; each one has an intricate lace detail beneath the crown.

Women who prefer minimalism will love the Simply Tacori Collection, which features contemporary rings rendered in heirloom quality. For Tacori engagement rings with soft but subtle details, consider the Petite Crescent collection, which refines the brand's classic crescent shape. The rings in this collection have French-cut settings, which show off the beauty of the center diamonds. The RoyalT collection is suitably regal, and the Sculpted Crescent collection offers the perfect marriage of soft and hard details. The Reverse Crescent collection is distinguished by feminine, delicate style, and the reverse crescent patterns achieve a lace-like effect on the inner face of each ring.

Why Shop for Tacori Engagement Rings at BARONS Jewelers?

If you're a Bay Area resident interested in purchasing a Tacori engagement ring, BARONS Jewelers is the West Coast's only Tacori diamond retailer. They've been serving San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and the surrounding areas since 1967, and they've helped countless local couples select the perfect engagement ring. They understand that buying jewelry is a personal experience, and that's why they carry designers like Tacori, which designs engagement rings that reflect the wearer's personality. If you're interested in BARONS' selection of Tacori jewelry, contact their Dublin, California location soon for more information!