Michael M Crown Collection

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38 results

Characteristics of Michael M

A landmark in luxury, Michael M has earned its place in the global limelight as one of the most respected jewelry houses in Los Angeles, California. Founded by Michael Meksian and son Peter in 2008, the brand has brought time-honored sophistication to the modern age. Built by hand for the hand, each ring is a marvel in metal and stone and as precious as the finger it adorns. Renowned for its milgrain and U-set diamonds, the impeccable Michael M was built to keep your brilliant. The grandeur of each Michael M masterpiece is undeniable, and the sense of royalty that it evokes is irresistible.

The Michael M Crown Collection

No royal wedding is complete without a royal engagement ring and wedding band to celebrate the occasion, and Michael M is the chosen bearer for many a bride. It's no secret that royalty was considered akin to divinity, and as such, the Michael M Crown Collection takes the classic halo and makes it heavenly. The Hidden Halo in the Crown Collection turns the discrete into dazzling with an accent of small round diamonds surreptitiously supporting the centerpiece. Refined in its precision and striking in its detail, each setting carries a regalia that proves every diamond deserves her throne and every bride her Crown.

The Crown Collection commands respect with grace. It sets itself apart from the more lavish Michael M universe with its nuanced interpretation of a traditional favorite. The unique inlay of diamonds is made more unique by the stone it ennobles, a choice left entirely up to the person whom it adorns. Each ring is handcrafted expertly and individually to crown the stone it carries and honor the majesty of the woman it celebrates. Understated in its drama, yet magnanimous in its splendor, the Crown Collection is a true testament to the symbol behind its namesake.

Why Shop the Michael M Crown Collection at BARONS Jewelers

The eminent Michael M is one of BARONS crown jewels and as proud retailers, we want to share a part of his empire with you. Housing an elite collection of wearable grandeur, BARONS Jewelers has been captivating the San Francisco Bay Area since our family founded it in 1967. Being one of the only Tacori Diamond Retailers on the West Coast, our inventory is as exclusive as it is exquisite. We kindly await you at the Hacienda Crossings Shopping Center of Dublin, California where feeling like royalty is our specialty.