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Characteristics of A Jaffe

The perfect engagement ring is both luxe and elegant, and that is certainly found in an A.JAFFE ring. Abraham Jaffe founded A.JAFFE in 1892 in New York City, eventually moving to West 47th street, later to be known as the Diamond District and the world's epicenter for fine jewelry. This history of excellence is upheld in A.JAFFE's process, which takes eighty hours for a single ring and is overseen by only master jewelers with over a decade of experience. A.JAFFE's signature design features conflict-free diamonds and a subtle squaring of the ring intended to maximize comfort and breathability while also maintaining balance of the diamond in the center of her finger. With the perfect marriage of security and beauty, A Jaffe's engagement rings are a dazzling representation of your love.

The A.JAFFE Quilted Collection

One of the most popular of the A.JAFFE collections more than dazzles with the glamorous vision of a quilted interior band set with a halo framing a luxurious center diamond. The Quilted Collection features six styles of engagement rings with prominent rounded diamonds cut perfectly to capture and reflect the light. The A.JAFFE excellence shines through in the band's quilted technology, which is carefully designed to ensure durability of the beautiful rings. The quilted pattern on the inside of the band maintains a secure fit even through temperature fluctuations, making the ring feel breathable for the wearer without trapping moisture. The peaks and valleys of the quilted band also work to reduce twisting of the ring to keep the diamond centered.

While the quilted technology endorses the quality of A.JAFFE engagement rings, it is the trademark rounded square centerpiece that truly steals the show, either standing alone or complemented by a halo or side stone. The Quilted Collection showcases a timeless look, while the Metropolitan collection features rings with a bold contemporary take, with a thick geometrically-pleasing band and prominent gems drawing attention immediately to the center of the ring. For those who love the geometrically unique style of this collection, the Art Deco collection provides another take on this look with a cutting edge rectangular center diamond that stands out from other rings. The Classics collection also has a ring to fit every women's fantasy, with 21 rings to choose from with both wider and thinner bands, halo and solitaire styles, and round or oval center shapes that all shine brilliantly and embody the timeless beauty of an engagement ring.

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