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Sapphires: Your Guide to the September Birthstone

If you’ve got to find the right present for the September baby in your life, what’s a better gift than a treasure with their month’s birthstone—sapphires? Read on to learn more about this blue-hued jewel.

Sapphires: Your Guide to the September Birthstone

Sometimes, it can be tough to find the right gift for your special someone, especially if they’ve got a unique style. But if you want something that’ll speak to them on a personal level, you might want to look at their birthstone. For many women, it’s a gift that shows that this person is so special that you understand them on an intimate level. Sometimes, the little touches are the best!

When we’re talking about the September birthstone, we’re talking about sapphire, one of the most elegant and beloved jewels in the world. Sapphires are a jewel as beautiful as a dainty accent as they are on a ring, and uniquely, sapphires retain their delightful charm even in their various shades. Designers will often use white, black, and pink sapphires as often as they use the famous ocean-blue sapphire.

Also, you may not know this, but sapphires are the second most durable stone in nature. Sapphires are a variant of the clear mineral corundum. When iron and titanium are introduced to the corundum, they turn blue—the addition of chromium instead turns them into rubies! As a 9 on the Mohs scale (compared to 10 for diamonds), sapphires prove an extremely resilient choice for accents in jewelry.

Sapphires as Accents

Simon G. sapphire earrings at BARONS Jewelers

If your special September someone prefers another jewel, whether it’s a diamond or colored gem, you may decide on choosing a piece of jewelry with sapphire accents. What does this look like in practice?

Take, as an example, the diamond earrings available from Simon G. You can see that the lovely sea colors of sapphires provide a striking contrast with nearly any other gemstone. In practice, a sapphire blends well with any skin tone or wardrobe choice, and when you’re trying to achieve an elegant aesthetic, it’s better to use a cool, muted tone like sapphire blue than something that might be too sunny (like citrine or yellow topaz).

Sapphires as Focal Points

Simon G. sapphire necklaces at BARONS Jewelers

Sapphire can also work beautifully as the focal point of a piece of jewelry. If your September-born someone really adores the richness of a sapphire’s ocean color, they may enjoy opening the gift box and seeing a big faceted sapphire. As a colored gemstone, sapphire does best when it’s front and center on a woman’s neck; accordingly, sapphire necklaces prove a popular choice for jewelry lovers.

Why design sapphire and diamond necklaces this way? The answer is simple: Sapphires have such a dark, intense color (compared to a lighter blue jewel, like aquamarine) that they’re most elegant when set against the contrast of pure whites. Unlike with diamonds, where inclusions are considered a flaw, many women and designers treasure sapphires when they have inclusions. Because sapphires are so dark, these inclusions look like mysterious “currents” in the ocean that is the jewel—or create the natural marvel known as a star sapphire.

Sapphires in Bridal Jewelry

Simon G. sapphire engagement rings at BARONS Jewelers

This option is a bit more situational, but if you really want to make September special for your loved one, choosing to pop the question or tie the knot in their birth month and selecting an oceanic blue engagement ring or a sapphire-studded eternity wedding band for the occasion is sure to bring a tear to their eye. While the period between the 1930s and 90s may have been pretty strictly “diamonds and yellow gold,” it’s not hard at all to find designers who work sapphires into their wedding bands and engagement rings.

Designers like Lashbrook and Tacori revel in using sapphire as a bridal gemstone for men and women. That’s the special thing about blue sapphire—it’s a stone whose beauty is truly gender-neutral, and if you choose to get some pink sapphire bridal pieces to match with your September spouse’s, there’s an extra level of cool there! Plus, if we’re speaking of a cool aesthetic, keep the Art Deco look in mind. Options like Tacori engagement rings are a great way of utilizing sapphire in a way that’s time-period appropriate.

Think of it this way: A September fiancée can have her “something old” and “something blue” in one piece.

Find Sapphire Jewelry and More at BARONS Jewelers

Keep BARONS Jewelers in mind when you’re shopping for sapphire jewelry. As a trusted jeweler in the East Bay Area since 1967, we’ve made the exploration of gorgeous colored gemstones a daily part of our mission. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us at (925) 278 6812 or visit us at our showroom in Dublin, California.


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