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Promise Rings: A Couple’s Guide to Showing Your Commitment Before the Proposal

Also known as the “pre-engagement ring,” a promise ring speaks to a deep commitment between two people before an official wedding proposal. Find out more about promise rings, as well as how to choose the right one, by reading this journal!

Promise Rings: A Couple’s Guide to Showing Your Commitment Before the Proposal

When a couple wants to share a personal sign of commitment before an official engagement, what can they do? There’s an idea called the “promise ring” that describes a less formal ring that a person can wear as an intimate display of long-term love.

The fun thing about a promise ring is that because it’s not worn on the engagement ring finger and because it’s an informal practice, they can look like anything. Fashion rings, engagement rings, and even wedding bands can be repurposed to be a promise ring. Here at BARONS Jewelers, we’re pleased to offer a wide variety of beautiful jewelry collections that you can browse to find your perfect promise ring; keep reading for a few ideas that you can spin into the right piece for you and your partner.

Minimalist Engagement Rings

Minimalist Engagement Rings at Barons Jewelers

As we mentioned, it’s easy to repurpose an engagement ring for a perfect promise ring. But what sort of traits make for a good re-imagined engagement ring?

At BARONS Jewelers, we suggest that you look at engagement rings that embrace minimalism. There’s a happy medium that can be struck between beauty and demureness that you’ll appreciate when you finally choose an engagement ring with glitz that will stand out over any other piece of jewelry you own.

Minimalism comes in many different forms, including slender bands, a subdued tone of gold, and completely discarding side accents in favor of a single eye-catching detail. That sort of theme is front-and-center in solitaire rings, particularly those that have smooth, clean bands and fun settings (like bezel-settings).

Whimsical Rings

Whimsical Promise Engagement Rings

Due to the informality of the promise ring, there’s no set style standards when it comes to them. There’s no reason to pick a promise ring that is just made with diamonds, if you know that you or your partner prefers another gemstone.

Instead, you’re free to select a ring that uses tanzanite, prasiolite, topaz, and more. The fun thing about gemstone fashion rings is that they come in such diverse styles that no matter what your tastes are, designers create rings whose color, hue, and saturation are sure to impress you.

Here at BARONS Jewelers, we offer choices ranging from the semiprecious stones you might choose for a more playful promise ring to sumptuous selections in ruby and pearl that would be ideal for saying that your engagement promise is as resolute as an engagement proposal itself.

Adding Some Diamonds

Diamond Fashion Rings at Barons Jewelers

We discussed minimalism in terms of a single center stone, but there’s an alternative way of embracing glamor in your promise ring without giving up diamonds: You could select a ring that doesn’t have a center stone at all.

Choose a diamond fashion ring or repurposed wedding band that has many small stones instead. One of our favorite ways of setting diamonds is the pave-style, which means that many small diamonds are set in a band in such a way that they look “paved” in place. The effect is to create a ribbon of light around a woman’s finger without necessarily spotlighting a particular stone in a given diamond ring.

Find Promise Rings and More at BARONS Jewelers

For more information about fashion rings or the brands we offer at BARONS Jewelers, contact us at (925) 278-6994 or stop by our Dublin, California showroom today!


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