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All About ArtCarved Bridal Jewelry

170 years ago, ArtCarved opened its doors for the first time in New York. Find out about this amazing brand and how their designs have managed to capture a century and a half of jewelry evolution!

All About ArtCarved Bridal Jewelry

“ArtCarved.” It’s such a striking name, and it inevitably begs the question: Carved from art? Carved with art? Carved into art? Well, for those interested in this incomparable designer of bridal jewelry, every one of those answers is accurate! Here at BARONS Jewelers, we’re pleased to offer ArtCarved engagement rings and wedding bands to our customers, and while our customers are inevitably dazzled when they view the designer’s collections in person, it’s a useful thing to turn the spotlight on ArtCarved. If you’re interested in the designer’s history, their aesthetic, and the unique things to admire about their collection, this is a great place to start!

ArtCarved History & Facts

ArtCarved was founded in 1850, in New York. In the 170 years that they’ve been in business, ArtCarved has developed an aesthetic and craftsmanship that has blended the best elements of various artistic periods. It’s not difficult to tell when you’re looking at “an ArtCarved” thanks to their iconic bridal looks. Since 1850, several major artistic trends have developed that have revolutionized the way that people regard their jewelry.

The Victorians and Edwardians gave us a passion for alternative ways of seeing gems, ranging from dark stones to semiprecious stones. Art Nouveau in the late 1800s and early 1900s introduced organic themes, colors, and curves that hadn’t been familiar to Western jewelry. Art Deco was inspired by bold geometry and architectural elegance, as well as the newfound ability to work platinum. And even the post-WWII diamond exuberance and Pop Art trends have found their way into ArtCarved engagement rings and wedding bands.

artcarved bridal jewelry

What ArtCarved Makes

At BARONS Jewelers, we showcase the three major collections of ArtCarved bridal jewelry: Vintage, Classic, and Contemporary. Vintage rings and bands draw the majority of their inspiration from Art Nouveau and Deco style, but they’ve taken contemporary elements (such as princess cut engagement ring looks and channel settings) and added them to their pieces. The Classic style is made, in ArtCarved’s words, to stand the test of time. Made with themes that remain effortlessly chic no matter the era, Classic rings are an ideal choice for the woman confident that she’ll have the same passion for beauty in decades’ time as she does now.

ArtCarved wedding bands are given the same historical treatment, and their Contemporary collection boasts modern touches like twisted bands, dual-tone gold, and bands made entirely of bezel settings. However, in a charming inverse of the Vintage line, Contemporary pieces bring touches from the early 1900s, such as milgrain beading. In other words, it’s impossible to avoid the fact that ArtCarved is a company whose sense of style is something they’ve developed over a century and a half.

Here at BARONS Jewelers, our fondness for ArtCarved bridal jewelry is something that comes from our own experience with the brand as well as our customers’ passion for their designs. We’re of the opinion that a jewelry store without ArtCarved is lacking something pretty important, and if you’d like to know more about this timeless brand, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us as our Dublin, California showroom today at (925) 304 4220!


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