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Ride the Wave: Every 2019 Jewelry Trend You Need to Know About

Our 2019 mood thus far: bigger, bolder, and more fabulous than ever. Our team is hard at work seeking out the latest in fashion this January. Leave your inhibitions behind with each new 2019 jewelry trend that has us drooling.

Ride the Wave: Every 2019 Jewelry Trend You Need to Know About

2019 has already proven itself to be a year of movers and shakers in the world of jewelry trends. For the novice fashionista, it can be difficult to see through the passing fads and invest in the trends that are really worth paying attention to.

What’s the best way to do so? Our team of experts has the scoop.

2019 Jewelry Trend: Messy Layered Necklaces

The undone look is always in vogue, as far as we’re concerned. Casually adorn your neckline with a combo that tells the world that you did, indeed, wake up like this.

Tacori and Asch Grossbardt Necklaces

If Tacori is your thing, this sterling silver chain necklace from the Ivy Lane collection will be right up your alley even on its own. When paired with this marvelous Asch Grossbardt beaded necklace, however, both pieces are elevated to stunning new heights.

2019 Jewelry Trend: Living a Charmed Life

Picasso Silver Bracelet and BARONS Jewelers Charm Bracelet

Charm everybody you meet with this classic: charm jewelry, a 2019 jewelry trend that’s giving us major flashbacks to our childhood. Borrowing again from Asch Grossbardt’s legendary catalogue, we cannot recommend the Picasso silver bracelet strongly enough. The audacious, contemporary charm completely steals the show and is one of our true obsessions when it comes to charm jewelry.

For something a bit milder, check out this 14k yellow gold charm bracelet, a BARONS Jewelers exclusive.

2019 Jewelry Trend: Power Clashing

Smashing expectations with jewelry that would never be matched together traditionally is a great way to create a look that is 100% your own in 2019. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we have to say that anything by Asch Grossbardt is perfect for this 2019 jewelry trend.

Asch Grossbardt Chandelier Earrings and Simon G Fashion Ring

This pair of flashy Asch Grossbardt chandelier earrings, for examples, clashes perfectly with this exquisite fashion ring by Simon G. Both bring their own flavor to the table and will help your ensemble stand out this year.

2019 Jewelry Trend: Layered Ear Piercings

This one is a no-brainer for people who already have multiple ear piercings already, and may be compelling enough to convince those with only a single piercing to make the investment in more.

Tacori Sonoma Mist and Ivy Lane Earrings

For the Tacori lovers out there, this 2019 jewelry trend will be music to their ears (no pun intended). Give their Sonoma Mist earrings a shot for a simple yet brilliant touch of sparkle. This pair, also coming from their Ivy Lane collection, will offset them perfectly with their delicate personality. As one of the few authorized Tacori retailers on the West Coast, our showcase is filled to the brim with many hard-to-find designs that won’t be found elsewhere in Dublin.

Count on BARONS Jewelers for The Latest in Fashion Jewelry this Year

Ready for what’s new? BARONS Jewelers is here with more 2019 jewelry trends than you can shake a stick at.

Booking an appointment is as easy as filling out this convenient online form. We accept walk-ins, so if you’re in Northern California and are in the market for something beautiful this year, we highly encourage you to stop by our shop in Dublin. Our carefully-curated catalogue is perfectly on-point with the latest 2019 jewelry trends and we’re always happy to help find the one that’s right for you.


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