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Do You Really Need Jewelry Insurance? Here’s What You Need to Know

You’ve made the investment in your collection – now is the time to make sure you’re covered should disaster strike unexpectedly. Jewelry insurance can be confusing. Let our team help you figure it all out.

Do You Really Need Jewelry Insurance? Here’s What You Need to Know

Ever know somebody who’s lost something precious to them? Your house, your car, your health; these are all things we hold near and dear to our hearts, and, by consequence, spend a lot of money and time protecting in the form of insurance policies.

Jewelry is certainly one thing we all spend more than our fair share of money on. Why should your most-cherished pieces be any exception to the act of protection? If you’ve never heard of jewelry insurance, you’re far from alone. Luckily, jewelry insurance is just as manageable as taking out any other type of insurance.

Why Jewelry Insurance is Vital

Jewelry is not only monetarily valuable – often, it carries with it an element of sentimentality, as well. Whether stolen, damaged, or otherwise, jewelry insurance will allow you to recover anything lost and allow you to replace it moving forward.

Jewelry insurance is generally quite reasonable when compared to the cost that replacing everything on your own would be – it’s often as low as one to two percent of the face value of the piece. A downright steal.

Getting the Process Started

If jewelry insurance is on your list of to-dos, starting as soon as possible is, obviously, ideal. Choosing a service provider is step one; traditional insurance companies like Geico and Progressive offer policies specifically outfitted for things like engagement rings and wedding bands. Start-ups like Lemonade also provide an easy avenue to protection and allow you to bypass a lot of the red tape typically associated with taking out insurance of any type.

Doing your due diligence will be a very important part of this process. Make sure to read the fine print and ask any relevant questions you may have – how claims are established and validated, what the insurance provider covers, how the payout will be made should you end up filing a claim. Once the value of the piece to be insured is established, the agreement will be formalized and you will be able to wear your favorite pieces worry-free (our in-house appraisal department is here to help you out in that regard should the need arise).

Jewelry Insurance and Appraisal at BARONS Jewelers

Ask the Jewelry Insurance Experts at BARONS Jewelers

As jewelry lovers ourselves, when we pay a pretty penny for that fabulous Tacori fashion ring we’ve had our eyes on, we want to make sure we’re covered just in case push comes to shove; your favorite diamond necklace can’t help you shine if it gets stolen out of your carry-on in Prague, and we simply won’t have it.

For all of the answers on jewelry insurance you seek, stop by our shop next time you’re out on the town in Dublin, California.

BARONS has been serving the East Bay Area with enthusiastic gusto since 1967, and business shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. You come to us when you need a new pair of diamond earrings – why not let us help you see the process of protecting your assets to its conclusion? 


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